Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sankofa Birth Ambassador?

A Sankofa Birth Ambassador is someone that supports the Wombman before, during, and after her birthing ceremony. She does this by showing support spiritually, mentally, and physically. By restoring the birth rights of the Asiatic Wombman, rituals of the Asiatic Wombman Ancestors, providing indigenous prenatal/birth education, and more.

Why do you require a consultation appointment?

Vetting is as important for you as it is for me. It required touch for your womb to activate and it requires touch as the baby is making their journey earth side. Based on that fact, it is vital that we (myself and you) get to know each other. This is your journey and your birthing experience and you deserve to be in control of it. So our appointments may feature some heart to heart conversations so let’s learn each other, laugh together, we can even cry together. The foundation of our relationship will carry us through our year together.

Why Birth Ambassador? Why not Doula?

Well it begins with knowing who I am and what I am not. I am Asherah Ix Chel Bey, a Moorish National with tribal lineage in Sasquennhok and LenniLenapehokpin territory. As a Moabites and as the aboriginal wombman with the overstanding of the etymology of the word Doula  [Greek for Slave]. I can not as a spirit having a human experience knowingly and happily refer to myself as a slave. Now, some may argue that it also means Servent and though yes I am performing a service and I am a servent to my SiStar the Wombman I am no one’s slave so let’s get this birth work and mentoring done together as it stands in its proper diction.

Who is Ix Chel?

To answer that I implore that you listen with Gods ear. She is the Mayan Goddess of Midwifery, Healing, and so much more. Said to be the eldest matriarch her appellation means Lady of the Rainbow.  She is the energy manifested to transformed to other  Moon and water Goddesses such as Yemaya, Oshun, Istar, Lilith… She is the wise women and the beautiful maiden She is I and She is you. She came to me when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.