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Become a Birth Ambassador

There are so many opportunities at Birthing With Ix Chel. If you are calling-driven, and want to join my dedicated team—This is the place for you. Take a look at our list of openings below and become a part of the family.

Birth Ambassador

Full-Time or Part-time

Are you ready to answer your call to become a gatekeeper of the Wombman? As Sankofa Ambassadors we go an fetch the knowledge needed to help support, protect, and honor the Wombman before, during and after her birthing ceremony. Trainee’s can choose their own Sankofa Birthing Path [Labor, Postpartum, etc]. Join Asherah Today and share the nectar of birth.


Mighty Network Courseroom

Launching soon!

Interested? Email birthingwithixchel@gmail.com 
Asherah will respond with google form and enrollment information.