About Asherah Ix Chel Bey

Meet your Birth Ambassador [Doula]
Certified Sankofa Birth Ambassador 
Certified Labor/Labour Doula [CD-L] ProDoula

Asherah Ix Chel Bey, is a Moorish National & Wombman first, Consort to Chakra DJ,

Umi of 3 plus 1, Psychologist to some, Spiritual Navigator to most, Minister, and Notary.

Through Birthing With Ix Chel Asherah's mission is to serve the Wombman

before, during, and after her birthing ceremony.

With high aspirations of helping her sisters reclaim and rewrite their birthing stories.

The full scale of Birthing With Ix Chel include:

  • Birth advocation and support until baby's first solar return.

  • Indigenous Birth and nutrition education. according to the Asiatic anatomy & physiology.

  • Birthright & rights of child review.

  • Collaborative sessions with other community leaders

  • Dual services with Iwosan Ix Lounge & Birthing with Ix Chel

Together Iwosan Ix Lounge & Birthing With Ix Chel offers the community:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of community services, birth rites, and rituals

  • Conscious moonstration "menstration" education [perfect from age 6+] includes fertility

  • Collaborative sessions with other community leaders 

  • Restoration & the bringing fourth of  natural griot and nurturing nature of our foremothers